Auto Injuries

How We Treat Auto Injuries

Treatment of Whiplash and other Auto Related Injuries is a highly specialized field on which I have focused for over 30 years.

During that time I have treated thousands of Car Accident Victims. Soft Tissue injuries resulting from the extreme forces generated by auto crashes require delicate treatment and a clear understanding of the stages of soft tissue healing because therapies and treatment goals are different at each stage.

Many times after a car accident, there are few or no symptoms. This lack of symptoms is often misinterpreted as meaning no injury occurred.

However, mild soft tissue injuries are often subject to delayed onset of symptoms. This delay may be a few days up to a several weeks. In some instances the patient has already settled their case with the insurance company by the time the symptoms appear leaving the cost of care in the lap of the Car Accident Victim!

Lastly, proper medical legal documentation of the injury is vital to help your attorney negotiate the best settlement with the insurance company. I am highly experienced in this type of documentation. In addition, I have 32 years experience in both deposition and the courtroom should my expert testimony be required.