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Transdermal Marma System Testimonial

Todays marma treatment was very special for me. I walked into your office in a frazzled state from yelling at the traffic and stressed for being late. You graciously accommodated my tardiness and I am grateful and apologetic. The treatment was very deep. When you did the marma in the center of my chest at the heart chakra I felt almost like something awoke. After treatment I drove home very peacefully and taught all my students with patience and understanding.

Then I played at my usual wednesday afternoon gig and something happened. First, my fingers were more nimble and adept than ever; the music flowed out effortlessly. Then, after I had warmed up, I played a note that hit me right in that same center of the heart and transported me to a state of bliss. I don't know how to describe it but the rest of the evening I was playing in an ecstatic state, returning to that sound that would massage the heart area as if it was a very tender area. The sounds were gently soothing and stimulating the heart chakra. My playing was no longer rushed to play fast notes and sound impressive. I kept in perfect time because that was the only way to hit that sound again.

It was truly a remarkable experience. From now on, before any big performance, I hope I can schedule a marma treatment.

Thank You



I was experiencing pain in my ribs; I went to a medical doctor.  He said it was located in the area where the rib moves during breathing.  He gave me a gel called Voltaren and said to apply it daily.

The next day I saw Dr. Beech (Chiropractor) for a routine adjustment.  He called the rib pain the same name as my medical doctor; he did an adjustment and gave me creams called Brahmi and Arjuna.  Since I was leaving on a 10 day car trip the next day, I asked about keeping the creams in the extreme heat inside the car with the windows closed.  Dr. Beech said the heat could damage the creams, so I left them home.

The next ten days of our trip, the rib pain continued.  I was constantly holding a hand over my chest when laughing, during certain activities, and it was especially painful when sneezing, even though I was using the Voltaren gel as directed by my medical doctor.  The day before I returned home, I called the medical doctor to make another appointment.  It felt like this pain was not getting any better.  My worries escalated, wondering if something could be seriously wrong.

We arrived home.  That night I began using the Brahmi and Arjuna creams again, given to me by Dr. Beech.  The next morning, my rib pain was gone.  When I went to my medical doctor, I apologized for wasting his time.  I continued to use Dr. Beechís creams and the pain NEVER returned.

Susan Randall


What caused you to seek our services?

Lower back pain, Arthritis or enlarged Prostate.

What benefits did you receive?

Combination of spinal manipulation and Ayurvedic creams plus home stretching, exercises have greatly reduced pain and stiffness. Plus the P.S.A. has been reduced by about 20%.

Joel Bressler


Knowledgable, commmited, passionate practitioner who has been taking amazing care of me for years. Chiropractic, ayurvedic, yogic and even spiritual counselling (if you seek it). Practical equipment, pristine products, and he is constantly learning and bringing new information to the practice. Fair prices and most services are insurance eligible. Be sure to take advantage of his consultation specials. You owe it to yourself to understand how good you can feel with such simple habits.

Rev. Olivia Hunter


I had chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia. 

No other doctor ever dealt with the cause of Fibromyalgia. They just mashed the symptom. I thought I would have to learn to live with chronic back and hip pain the rest of my life, but now I feel great as long as I stay on my diet and follow Dr Beechís recommendations.

Angela Martin





Dr. Beech has helped to relieve chronic low back, hip, and knee pain and has helped to heel chronic digestive problems. He offers personalized service, easy scheduling and no wait time, a relaxed environment, and is a patient, compassionate, and skilled physician.

Superpages Review


What caused you to seek our services?

Fibromyalgia, Sore muscle cramping, weakness and pain. This may have been triggered by my several car accidents.

How are you doing now?

Much better I can walk without crutches.

How did the treatments feel?

Pulse diagnosis has a strong settling effect on me, it helps my body slowly settle down and become more aware of what is going on throughout.

How was your experience in our office?

The entire experience is one of courtesy, respect and genuine personal interest. I never feel rushed.

Why do you think that deciding to see Dr. Beech was the best choice you could have made for this condition?

I was making some progress with this Fibromyalgia, but I wasnít truly healing. The symptoms were becoming less severe, but I know the underlying problem was not bringing addressed. When I saw Dr. Beech, he was able to explain how subtle blockages in my physiology had triggered a system-wide imbalance. As soon as I began taking the herbs he recommended, I felt better all over. People began telling me how well I looked (and how worried they had been at how I had looked). I have much clearer idea of what I need to do to help myself, and I am gaining strength and flexibility steadily. Another point, I feel that Dr. Beech is completely committed to working with me, for however long it takes to heal completely. In my experience with the medical profession this is rare.

Anne Henderson


What caused you to seek our services?

I had chronic pain brought on from fracturing a vertebra in my back 25 years ago. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was looking for ways to manage my pain.

How are you doing now?

I am much better. I sleep better, my digestion is better, and my pain levels are better. I feel much more hopeful.

How did the treatments feel?

The chiropractic adjustments always made me fell better.

Why do you think that deciding to see Dr. Beech was the best choice you could have made for this condition?

Dr Beech is an exceptionally nurturing and caring physician. He is also very knowledgeable about traditional Chiropractic care and about Ayurvedic medicine. The Ayurvedic program for Fibromyalgia has been well-adapted for his patients and is explained in an easy Ė to Ė follow manner. I was able to easily follow the diet and other recommendations. It is obvious that the well- being of his patients is Dr. Beechís #1 concern. He is very patient and takes time to thoroughly explain the program. He genuinely cares about his Fibromyalgia patients and strives to get to the root of the illness so that patients are empowered themselves. I feel much more positive about my future and much more empowered to take charge of his illness. Thank you! Dr Beech for giving me the tools to heal myself. I highly recommend Dr. Beech for hose with Fibromyalgia. No matter how much pain you are in, I am here to tell you CAN get better! Having someone who really understands this illness and has a real program to help and it has made a world of difference.

Helen Clark


What caused you to seek our services?

I for a fracture in the fibula while I was jogging in Rock Creek Park and slipping on ice! And I was told; that I might have repair 100% mobility.

How are you doing now?

But with the help of Dr. Beech and lots of food advice from him, now I feel a break and I have more 90% mobility and itís still improving.

How did the treatments feel?

I first I was a bit skeptical about the adjustments, but the results were really convincing. And the electrical treatment was totally relaxing.

How was your experience in our office?

I have never met such a friendly staff at a doctorís office; it really was a pleasure having all these appointments.

Why do you think that deciding to see Dr. Beech was the best choice you could have made for this condition?

I had the impression that Dr. Beech really listened to what I told him about my condition and I was very impressed by his expertise in a wide range of treatments (Including Ayurveda). In my experience it is rather unusual for a doctor to offer such a variety of different treatments. So, Many thanks to Dr. Beech and his wonderful staff!

Katrin Volger-Schuman


What caused you to seek our services?

The protocol I was following called for regular Chiropractic spinal adjustments.

How are you doing?


How did the treatments feel?

The adjustments have really helped, but with Dr. Beech I got much more than I had expected. The Royal Bliss treatment is perfectly named. The whole day after my treatment I was in a blissful state. I was relaxed, happy, laughing and content. I really felt transported to a different state of mind.
How was your experience in our office (i.E. treatment quick, office staff courteous? questions answered to your satisfaction?)
The office staff is very friendly and helpful.

Why you think (we hope you think this!) that deciding to see Dr. Beech was the best choice you could have made for this condition?

Because he brings so many different and complementary healing modalities. He is truly concerned for the patientís well being and improvement. The adjustments the orthotics, the Ayurvedic treatments and dietary and life style protocol and the recommendations are truly helpful in establishing optimum balance and health. The addition of The Prana center with the marma therapy, shirodara and other therapies adds a whole new dimension to the complete health are and wellness offered by Dr. Beech I recommend all the services whole heartedly and without reservation.

Richard Miller


What caused you to seek our services?

I had considerable pain following a car accident. Pain had been diagnosed as "Fibromyalgia".

How are you doing now?

Iím much better after following the ayurvedic routine and being mindful of my diet and the rhythm of the day.

How did the treatments feel?

Initially getting used to the foods and spices was a major adjustment. But once I got into the groove, it has become almost second nature.

How was your experience in our office?

Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and responsive. And Doctor Beech always takes the time to answer whatever questions I might have. As a matter of fact, when I made the initial inquiry to his office, he got on the office phone himself to speak with me, an unusual occurrence nowadays.

Why do you think that deciding to see Dr. Beech was the best choice you could have made for this condition?

I was not comfortable with pursuing allopathic means for the treatment of my condition. Although this was a totally new for me, I have done well with it and will actually be in a better place when I am healed than I was before the accident. I have gained a tremendous education, as well.

Ruth Ketler


Post Appendicitis Toxicity

Last August my appendix burst. I was given the opportunity to have a phone consult with Dr Beech about how I walked around two weeks collecting all kinds of poison in my system. I had been misdiagnosed so I was pretty miserable by the time I had my appendix removed. After a week of doing what he told me to do I was feeling much better. After eating green protein that he suggested I was full of new energy I hadn't had for years. There are no words to describe how much my health improved!!! It was the most amazing improvement I have ever experienced.

Recently I was traveling and developed another problem. I tried everything for weeks to help the situation. Finally someone told me to go to a medical doctor. I had just gotten home and received the appropriate herbs for making green protein. One dose of green protein and my problem went away. I'm in complete disbelief. If someone told me this I'm such a skeptic I would raise an eyebrow and say yeah yeah yeah. So believe it or not or try it! Dr beech, you're the best!!!! Thank you for my good health. One more thing. The marma creams are most amazing also!!

Cynthia Martinian




"Working for several months over the phone with Dr. Beech was a tremendous help in getting me off to the right start with a new health regimen. He not only gave very specific guidelines for me to follow, but he took the time to explain exactly why, and how, those creams or food recipes would help my condition. This very personal attention, along with his warm and wise manner, gave me the support I needed to follow through. "  

Arianne Pfoutz

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