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The Transdermal Marma System and Reduction of EMF Toxicity

Our office offers an ancient Ayurvedic therapy known as Marma. The word Marma refers to points on the body through which a type of bio-electric energy known as Prana flows.

Prana is the intelligence of Nature. It has 3 components:

1. Soma

Soma is the Lunar energy that creates stability, lubrication and coolness. In Nature, the Lunar energy is most prevalent in the early evening and early morning hours. This is why we begin to feel heavy and tired around 8:30 to 9 PM and why in the early morning we are slow to get moving. In our physiology it gives stability and strength to the material matter of the body. In the body Soma is the vibrational or energetic substrate that forms Kapha Dosha.

2. Agni

Agni means flame. It is the Solar energy which has the exact opposite qualities from Soma. It creates transformation, heat and dryness. In Nature, we feel it most between 12 Ė 1 PM when the Sun stimulates our physiology to be hungry and again around the same time at night if we stay up late. This is why we get hungry and want a midnight snack! Agni is the vibrational raw material for Pitta Dosha that is responsible for our Metabolic processes.


Marut is the Etheric energy. That means it is responsible for flow and balance of the other 2 forms of Prana. It allows them to mix and balance proportionately. Marut is the intelligent flow of Prana. We can feel Marut in our physiology mostly in the afternoon and early morning before sunrise hours. Marut supplies the raw vibrational material for Vata Dosha in our body.

Think of Prana like an electric current. The current flows from the positive pole to the negative pole. The positive pole is Agni and the negative is Soma. The flow of the electrons through the conductor is Marut.

So, what are the Marmas? Marmas are the switches that turn on or off the flow of Prana. The Marma points are energetic points that direct the flow of Prana to a specific organ, tissue or region etc. of the body.

As we know from Quantum Physics, everything in Creation is in a state of vibration. Everything around us and including us is fluctuating energy forming waves that appear to our senses as dense matter. Ayurveda says that the very first vibration of energy in Nature is Prana. That Prana flows through invisible vibratory channels that surround our body called Nadis. This may sound a little Metaphysical, however the little electronic device that you send messages through all day also receives and send invisible energy.

Like any channel, the Nadis can be clogged with unwanted material. In the case of the Nadis, they are unaffected by physical toxins but are highly susceptible to vibrational energy. In this day and age we are subjected to a constant stream of EMF or Electromagnetic energy from cell phones, IPads, computers, TVís etc. This EMF pollution is a type of vibrational toxin that can affect the Nadisí ability to properly flow Prana to the targeted tissues and organs of the body. Thus, our physical bodyís connection with the Cosmic Intelligence of Nature is impaired.

This can make us feel tired, depressed and burned out. It can affect our ability to concentrate or get a good nightís sleep. In more severe cases, the overload of EMF in the Nadis can stimulate the Liver to release acidic toxins known as Ama Visha into the blood stream. These physical toxins can then inflame and disrupt the normal function of any tissue or organ of the body. Thus indirectly, EMF toxicity can result in physical disease.

Fortunately, by the grace of my teacher Vaidya Mishra and his 5000 year old Ayurvedic lineage, we have the techniques to meet this modern day challenge. The Transdermal Marma System (TMS) allows us to identify which Nadis are being affected by vibrational toxins and teaches us how to clean those channels with the use of vibrationaly alive herbal Transdermal creams that were created by Vaidya Mishra.

The treatment is performed in a quiet comfortable setting. During the session I assess the patientís Nadis using a technique called Nadi Vigyan or Pulse Diagnosis. Then I select the herbal transdermal cream whose vibrational effect called Prabhava matches the Marma and its effect. I apply the cream in a very gentle clockwise circle to the Marma point. After the application, I then reassess using the Pulse Diagnosis technique. Like this over a period of 30 to 40 minutes I am able to clean and balance the affected Nadis. The patientís experience is one of very deep relaxation and relief from stress. They report a greater feeling of balance and energy after the treatment.
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