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Prabha's Prebiotic Fat Burning Ghee

According to Caraka Samhita, the 2500 year old Ayurvedic Text, there are 2 kinds of Ghee. The first type of ghee increases Meda Dhatu (fat tissue). This type of ghee is made from simply taking regular butter and boiling out the proteins and other solutes. This is the type of ghee that you may have made at home or bought at the store.

The 2nd type of Ghee actually converts Meda Dhatu to Asthi Dhatu (fat tissue to bone tissue). This type of Ghee is made from cultured butter, i.e. butter that has an active probiotic culture. This type of Ghee not only improves fat metabolism, it also acts as a prebiotic (food) for the normal probiotic flora of the gut. For those of you you may have tried, making this ghee is a rather long and arduous process that takes several steps over several days. Whatsmore, if any step is incorrectly done, then you have to start all over again. Therefore time and expense usually disuades most of our patients from making this incredible product.

Therefore, our own Prabha is now offering Fat Burning Ghee to our patients. She makes the ghee at home and ships it directly to you. She takes care of all the fuss. Personally I think she may have bit off more than she can chew here, but she insists she would like to do this for all of our patients.

The cost of the ghee is $25 for a 16oz jar plus shipping if needed. Considering that regular ghee at the store is about $12 per pound, this is a bargain. In most cases, the ghee can replace all other cooking oils.

To order, just email Prabha at  and let her know how much you want. This custom product is made fresh for you, so please allow a few days preparation time.

~ Dr. Beech