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Post Appendicitis Toxicity

Last August my appendix burst. I was given the opportunity to have a phone consult with Dr Beech about how I walked around two weeks collecting all kinds of poison in my system. I had been misdiagnosed so I was pretty miserable by the time I had my appendix removed. After a week of doing what he told me to do I was feeling much better. After eating green protein that he suggested I was full of new energy I hadn't had for years. There are no words to describe how much my health improved!!! It was the most amazing improvement I have ever experienced.

Recently I was traveling and developed another problem. I tried everything for weeks to help the situation. Finally someone told me to go to a medical doctor. I had just gotten home and received the appropriate herbs for making green protein. One dose of green protein and my problem went away. I'm in complete disbelief. If someone told me this I'm such a skeptic I would raise an eyebrow and say yeah yeah yeah. So believe it or not or try it! Dr beech, you're the best!!!! Thank you for my good health. One more thing. The marma creams are most amazing also!!

Cynthia Martinian




"Working for several months over the phone with Dr. Beech was a tremendous help in getting me off to the right start with a new health regimen. He not only gave very specific guidelines for me to follow, but he took the time to explain exactly why, and how, those creams or food recipes would help my condition. This very personal attention, along with his warm and wise manner, gave me the support I needed to follow through. "  

Arianne Pfoutz