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How Is Your Posture?

Ever wondered how others see your posture?

Have your posture professionally evaluated online - FREE.

Below is an sample of the report you will receive showing your own individual structural strengths and weaknesses. Remember, these subtle stresses are often the cause of chronic back and back pain as well as headaches.

posture report

 In addition to your personal posture report, Dr. Beech also offers a 15 minute free phone or Skype consultation to go over your findings and answer your questions.




First - make a photo following the below instructions.

  • Have someone take a photo of yourself from the front and side exactly as shown in the picture below.
  • Take the picture in front of a door making sure that the door frame can be seen at least on one side of the picture.
  • Wear clothes that make it easy to see the shape of your hips and shoulders.  Slacks and shirts are good.
  • Wear different color slacks from shirt, i.e. white shirt and black slacks work well.
  • Don't wear loose fitting baggy clothes or dresses. 
  • Wear colors that constrast to the background of the door.
  • Stand in normal posture. Don't try to "correct" your posture. One good approach is to close your eyes and walk in place a few steps.  Then take the picture in that position.

Posture Picture

Second - Email the picture to

Lastly - Fill out the below information

Your Report Will Be Emailed To You Within 1 Day.