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Ayurvedic Phone Consultations With Dr. Beech

Program Details

Consultation Schedule:

We offier a free 15 minute question session with Dr. Beech to give you an opportunity to ask general questions and allow Dr. Beech to find out if you qualify for our program. No advice will be given during this session.

Costs for initial 1/2 hour consultation and 1/2 hour dietary consultation is $75.00.  Follow up sessions are $50.00 per 15 minutes or any part therof.

Herbal Products:

Products prescribed by Dr. Beech can be ordered from our Product Website.


Consultations by phone are not insurance re-imbursable.  They may be re-imbursable by flex spending accounts.

Consultation Times and Scheduling:

Currently phone consult times are Tuesday mornings from 9 AM to 11 AM EST.

Please refer to the scheduling site by clicking the red BOOK NOW button above or call us at 301-951-9000.