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Ayurvedic Cooking Workshops

We want to support you and make you a success at Ayurvedic cooking.  Therefore, once a month we offer a 3 hour Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop at our home in Frederick. 

Prabha teaches the cooking techniques of Shaka Vansya Ayurveda.  She will show you not only how to make delicious food, but also how to maintain the Prana Intelligence so that the food really becomes your medicine to heal.

Lastly, of course we will all enjoy having an Ayurvedic Feast!

The workshop is limited to 6 people.  The cost is $75.00 per person.  We require a $25.00 non-refundable deposit for cancellations less than one week before the workshop.  This is necessary to cover preparation and food costs should anyone cancel at the last minute.

To register please email Prabha at

Who Is Prabha?

An incredible cook from South India who has learned the principles and techniques of Ayurvedic Cooking from Dr. Douglas Beech and re-known Ayurvedic physician Vaidya RK Mishra. Prabha also brings her own style and flare to the food that makes it fun to cook and delicious to eat!

Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian (Fish & Chicken) dishes can be included.

  • Cost for workship is $75.00/per person 
  • Each 3 hour workshop includes: 
  • Personal demonstration and instructions. 
  • Individualized Menus (when possible) 
  • A sample of your own prescribed spice mix 
  • A Fabulous LUNCH! 
  • All made with: freshly ground organic spices, home made ghee and extra virgin olive oil, fresh veggies (in the summer organic veggies grown right from my garden!) 

Here are just some of the scrumptious items on our menu:

  • Green Protein 
  • Veggie korma 
  • Date roll 
  • Veggie or paneer samosa 
  • Daal   
  • How to make Paneer 
  • Vegetable Subji and Poori ( wheat bread ) 
  • Chicken curry with coconut milk and Chapati 
  • Light Dinner Kitchery dish 
  • Vegetable Melody with coconut and tamarind (Avial) 
  • Vegetable soup (sambar) 
  • How to make Yogurt 
  • Indian chai 
  • Tender chicken dish with spices and cilantro. 
  • Rice with quinoa, and Paneer (for vegetarians) 
  • Vegetable dishes (okra, lauki, karela etc.) 
  • Yogurt Raita with cucumber and spices. 
  • Biriyani (Delicious Rice and Veggie Dish) 
  • Cilantro Chutney 
  • Coconut Chutney 
  • How To Make Milk Your Friend 
  • Drumstick Recipe 
  • Instruction on any of Vaidya Mishra's prescribed foods 
  • .... and more :-) 



I took Prahba's 1st class on Monday and cooked dinner on Friday. It wasn't as delicious as the lunch she cooked but was still very good and my strongest critic went back for seconds on everything. The best part was I know now I can cook an Ayurvedic and tasty meal. The menu included spicy chicken, lauki (a summer squash) and carrots, a yogart cucumber sauce ( Prabha makes her yogurt, I bought mine at Giant) and basmati rice and quinaro. Prahba teaches as she prepares the course for that class and is very flexible in the menu. I asked to start with the basics (rice) and go from there. Learning the right combination of spices and herbs is the secret and after class Prahba emailed detailed recipe cards for each item we learned. I can't wait for the next class and really look forward to developing a variety of delicious and Ayurvedic dishes.

D. Ragland


September 25, 2008

I am writing while my aromatic vegetables and dal simmer on the stove. Prabha's class showed that, even after a long day, I could easily prepare a delicious meal according to my Ayurvedic plan. She explained and demonstrated the use of spices, vegetables, and cooking methods with confidence and with knowledge of Ayurvedic principles. Prabha inspired me to expand my Ayurvedic diet. I look forward to her next class, (and the superb foods we enjoy afterwards!)

Deborah Kettler

Poolesville, MD


Great -- your plan is fabulous. Restaurant food is never freshly prepared -- but it's fun to go out. Getting lunch and a cooking lesson too is about the best idea I've heard in ages!



Because I was having trouble staying on the diet Dr. Beech recommends for me, I attended Ayurvedic cooking with Prabha Thomas last week. The class was a one-on-one cooking session in Prabha's kitchen. She prepared a delicious lunch of fresh vegetables, chicken, and chapatis as I watched, which we then shared. It was so quick and simple, and the meal was delicious enough that I could serve it to my family without anyone feeling they were eating "Mom's health food."

One of the biggest benefits of the class was seeing how Prabha organized her kitchen to simplify meal preparation. I plan to use some of ideas in my own kitchen. I've already tried some of her recipes and enjoyed them. I highly recommend this class to anyone trying to eat a healthier diet.

Angela Martin


Thank you for a wonderful cooking class! I learned how to prepare simple, nutritious meals for my son with autism, who has a very restrictive diet. You've given me several new meal options that are delicious but most of all prepared quickly. As you know, I prepare cooked meals for my son's lunch each day and this will save me a lot of time. I've also really been enjoying the spice mix. I add it to almost everything! My son's teacher sent a note home asking for the recipe for some of his meals.

Thanks again for introducing me to new herbs and spices and simple preparation techniques.